Pruning and structural pruning

There are a lot of people out there trying to make a buck trimming trees, unfortunately the minority are those with the knowledge of how to do it right and follow through with it. When you look at a tree what do you see? What are you expecting to see after pruning? Here a just a couple examples of what you don't want to let happen to your trees and what you might expect fromĀ a good pruning in the crown. This is a picture I took just today. These Live Oaks (Quercus Virginiana) has been excessively over pruned, and this happens all too much. You can see how the top portion of the crown is all that is left, and the rest has been removed or "stripped" out, removing important foliage in the mid crown. The response can be unsightly and correction is needed. If these trees continue to be pruned like this the limbs will eventually become very long and...
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