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Top Point Tree now sells firewood for home heating, fire pits, and cooking in your pit smoker. We sell mainly Post Oak, as this is the most common tree in the Brazos Valley area. We also have access to limited supplies of Pecan, and some Hickory varieties. We can obtain mesquite at a higher prices by special order only. Our inventory depends on availability and demand. Most of our logs are cut for pit smoker fireboxes and average 16 inches in length. If you desire a shorter or longer cut, please give us adequate lead time to custom cut for your needs.

Firewood Services We Offer

We sell fresh cut and seasoned firewood, depending on our inventory and your specifications. Local delivery within 50 miles of our warehouse in College Station, TX is free, and we do charge an additional fee for unloading and stacking. Check our price list for costs and add on fees. We offer substantial discounts if you come to our warehouse and load and haul your own firewood. Appointments must be bade prior.

Buying Firewood

Firewood is generally sold by the cord, which is a measure of volume. A cord is 128 cu ft of wood, usually closely stacked in a pile that measures 4 ft wide by 4 ft high by 8 ft long. The configuration of the wood pile, and the length of the logs ate not important as long as the pile is closely stacked and measures 128 cu ft per cord, or portions thereof. Top Point Tree sells cords or portions thereof by volume only. Full cord, half cord, and third (face) cords. We will custom cut the length of the logs to fit your needs and we will also insure that you get what you pay for by volume. Adequate lead times will allow for custom cuts and proper stage of seasoning.

Be cautious when buying a cord of wood. Some firewood dealers will use rather unethical and confusing methods to sell their wood. They will use terms like “face cord” or “fireplace cord” and may charge for a full cord. A face cord commonly consists of wood that is 16 inches long. The volume of a face cord therefore is 1/3 of the volume of a full cord, or about 43 cubic feet. Even though it is 8 feet long and 4 feet high, it is only 16 inches wide instead of 48 inches wide. Another method they may use is to charge less for a shorted “cord” making the customer think he is getting a better deal for a full cord of firewood.

Other units of measure, such as “truckload” are ambiguous and vary by how big the truck bed is and how it is stacked. It is difficulet to determine the volume of wood if it is simply thrown on the ground in a pile or delivered in a pickup bed. We suggest that if you buy  by volume, measure it when it is closely stacked before accepting it. Don’t get shorted or overcharged by scams. Remember, a legal full cord of wood is 128 cubic feet, no matter the dimensions.

Firewood Delivery

We deliver on a trailer on a trailer that measures 14 ft by 6.875 ft by 2 ft, which computes to 192 cu ft or 1 1/2 cord of stacked firewood. This allows any stack to be easily measured for accurate volume. We attempt to allow for some shrinkage as the wood dries, so you may receive more volume with deliveries of fresh cut wood.

Know your measurements for a cord of wood and don’t be fooled by unscrupulous firewood dealers. When ordering firewood, be specific about what you want. Verify what you are buying and ask the following questions:

  • Is it a full cord, or portion thereof?
  • Is it seasoned (dry but not rotted)?
  •  Is it clean and free of excessive moss and fungus?
  • Is it custom cut for your fireplace, firebox, or woodstove?
  • Does delivery and/or stacking cost extra?

When your wood is delivered and stacked, determine what volume you received. A closely stacked rectangular pile is easily calculated into cubic feet. Demand a cost adjustment accordingly if the cord is shorted or reject it.

Storing and Seasoning Firewood

The best location to store and season your firewood will be an area that receives adequate sunlight and has good air flow. Stack the logs away from ground contact to lessen the possibility or rot. Be careful when working around your woodpile, as snakes, rodents and wasps will love their new habitation.

You should locate the bulk of your woodpile away from the house. This will keep termites, vermin, and snakes away from your home. However, when the burning season begins, keep about a week’s week’s worth of wood close by in a convenient, dry location. Over a period of time, weather conditions will cause the wood to rot, grow mold and fungus, and attract vermin. We suggest that you refresh your wood yearly. We will remove your old wood and replace it for an additional fee, depending on the amount of wood and ease of access to the pile.

Top Point Tree will guarantee our services because we believe in building good relations with our customers. We look forward to serving you for years to come. Thank you for your business.


Full cord of Oak $180

Half cord of Oak $95

Bundle of Oak (3 cubic ft) $30