Effective Stump Removal in Bryan College Station, TX

At Top Point Tree, we provide stump removal to the Brazos county and surrounding areas. Although this service is often overlooked by other tree companies, we make sure that your property is seamless and looks better than ever before. Whether you have one stump or a hundred stumps, we can complete the task at an affordable price.

There are various types of trees that can sprout back and thus require continuous maintenance to avoid an unsightly shrub. Consequently, stumps can also pose a trip hazard to yourself and others and most infuriatingly to your lawn mower. Lawn service companies will charge an extra fee in order to work around these obstacles increasing your costs in the long run. Why not get rid of those unpleasant stumps now?  

Our state of the art stump grinder can handle even the largest and toughest stumps out there quickly and effectively. Typically, we will grind stumps 4-6 inches below grade to eliminate their presence in your yard. There are certain situations where we can offer 10-12 inches below grade, in case you have plans for a new tree planting, driveway expansion, fence installation, or home additions. Additionally, we can chase out those surface roots that have been dividing your turf grass for years with minimal damage done to your yard.

The time it takes for tree stumps to decompose naturally can take up to 10 years depending on the tree species, diameter and the type of treatment used. Using stump removing chemicals increases your chances of hurting the surrounding root systems of other plants and hardly increases the rate of decomposition. So unless your tree stump looks like a famous president, this service will undeniably increase the value of your property! Give us a call today if you’re considering stump grinding, we offer free estimates so call us to schedule yours now at! 979-773-3242