Tree Pruning  or trimming in Bryan or College Station, TX? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Top Point Tree offers the highest of quality pruning techniques around. These principles have been established as the best and most effective ways to prune trees. Arborists refer to pruning as more of an art and a science at the same time, and it takes years of experience to perfect. We are here so you have someone you can trust to care for your trees.

Tree Pruning

Again, our company’s priority is to promote value to your property. In the tree care industry there are many different aspects of ensuring plant health and pruning is one of the most important. The International Society of Arboriculture and TCIA teach and recommend very safe and effective ways to promote tree structure and tree health. We have studied these practices along with other arborists and continue to grow as a community each year.

We offer what’s called structural pruning, where we can go through an entire tree to remove problematic and unnecessary limbs, subordinate codominant leaders, and reduce limbs that could become unstable later or already are. Selective thinning of conflicting or crowding branches, deadwood removal, and weight reduction is just to name of few objectives of pruning. A lot of situations only require lifting the crown of a tree or trimming it back from from a home or building, but even small cosmetic stuff like this can and will create more problems in the future if not performed correctly. Why not call the professionals at Top Point Tree and ensure that your trees are truly cared for. Estimates are free! 979-773-3242